is a kiln that has been passing down their traditional art
for eight generations from Edo period,
Facing Clay with Living in Nature


Doraku is located on Marubashira of Iga Valley in Mie Prefecture, which has been famous as a village of pottery since the Nara period. Doraku has been creating pottery while growing rice and vegetables in fields and fields passed down from ancestors in the natural environment that changes throughout the year.


Doraku keeps traditional way of creating pottery by hand throughout all the process in mixing clay of Iga, molding on wheel without putting stone powder in pottery or molding by mold to make a lot of strong pottery, The reason is in the characteristic of Iga Clay.


There is clay with small invisible holes in Iga where used to be the bottom of Lake Biwa. Skilled craftsmen knead clay that contains a lot of air in three times, mold by wheel, glaze and bake them. In all processes, they work by hand without using machines to maximize the unique properties of the clay. That's how doraku creates their pottery, which has been passed down to the eighth generation.

Nothing is the same in the world as Donaku's products that where craftsmen create by taking their time with their effort Doraku's products are alive and can be nurtured by customers and end their lives.

Tableware should not be too conspicuous, but they should claim existence and harmonize with cooking. That's what we're aiming for. By Masatake Fukumori, 7th Master

Doraku's eighth Master will live together with clay of Iga and convey their traditional and original pottery in the way she believes.

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